Our Story

Tradition, innovation, and artisanal craftsmanship are the ingredients from which the Amelia Toffee Company was born. With an old family recipe in hand, our founder, Anita Comisky, delved into the rich craft of handmade toffee, inspired by bold ingredients such as bourbon and coffee. This experimentation, refined through years of dedication and a keen perception of flavor, resulted in the unique, handcrafted perfection sold by our company today.

Our handcrafted toffee is made in Jackosnville, Florida and created in small batches, ensuring the best quality and the greatest attention to detail.

Whether you prefer our traditional Sea Salt Toffee or would like to experience something new and bold, such as our Bourbon Toffee, Coffee Toffee, Southern Heat Toffee (dark chocolate peanut toffee made with siracha), Ghost of Amelia (dark chocolate almond toffee made with grand marnier and lightly dusted with ghost pepper salt) or one of our various seasonal toffees, you will be delighted with the mouthwatering and decadent toffees of the Amelia Toffee Company.

Our Goals:
  • Create the most delicious toffee, with the freshest (and sometimes most unexpected) ingredients
  • Develop a full network of retail outlets to provide the toffee to customers all over the world (and someday, the universe!)
  • Stay sensitive to the ideas and opinions of our customers in all aspects of Amelia Toffee
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The People Who Make It All Happen

Anita Comisky

Amelia Toffee Co. Founder, CEO and Toffee Visionary

With Anita, "good" is just not good enough. Excellent, spectacular, best ever – these are the attributes she expects people to attach to her toffee creations. As Anita says, "Try it please. You’ll LOVE it!"

Jim Comisky


With his 40 plus years in accounting and finance, Jim provides sharp insights for our business. He is the perfect partner for Anita's creative skill set, and he's developing a keen palate. His favorite toffee is Bold Brew.

Florence Haridan

Toffee Chef and Executive Vice President of Taste

Florence has an extensive background in creating delicious culinary delights. With Anita at her side, these 2 "mad scientists" concoct unprecedented toffee creations.

Susan Bennett

Vice President of Tastings

Vivacious and fun, Susan is the person you'll meet at our Amelia Toffee booth for appearances and events. She knows toffee, and she knows if you'll taste our brand, you will Love It!

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